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Clan Village - Jacobites - Rangers

Clan Village

Visit the Clan Village at the Kingsville-Essex Highland Games and connect with your Scottish family.  Clan Societies and Clan Members will gather here to share stories and connections and to get their Scottish on. The Clans will be an integral part of the Opening Ceremonies and will follow the Honour Guard onto the Main Field to be welcomed. 

Clans attending the games in 2024




Watch the Clan Parade in 2023


Jacobite Encampment

Step back to a time when the Jacobites roamed the highlands of Scotland during the late 17th and early 18th Centuries. 
Their journey began in support of Kings James II and ended with Bonnie Prince Charlie at the Battle of Culloden.  
Visit their encampment and see how they lived, dressed and went to war during the times of the 5 Jacobite risings. 



Rangers of Govannas

The Rangers of Govannas are a passionate and enthusiastic community in the world of medieval martial arts. 
They focus on traditional medieval era weapon fighting, as well as archery, thrown weapons, and various crafting workshop experiences.

Visit their "living village" and learn about medieval weaponry and armor and see a real-life medieval encampment.
The Rangers of Govannas will also be presenting their famous Ranger Rumble where you can take on some of their Rangers in medieval combat.